The  potters we stock are well practiced in tableware. Thrown and handbuilt, gas, electric or woodfired. Earthenware, stoneware or porcelain. Each piece of  pottery is s result of  dinstict methods and materials. It is all 100% food safe and much of it can be thrown in the dishwasher. All of the pottery is made in  New Zealand unless stated otherwise.

Yvette van Raders Jar

10 x 10 x 12

Gas fired and eucalyptus ash glaze

Yvette Van Raders

30 x 30x 3

Gas fired and Eucalyptus ash Glaze

Aimeé McLeod Pair of Plates

32 x 32 x 4

Made in Ngaio

Lyuba Zhilkina
Tiger Vase

16 x 16 x 16

Anagama fired at driving creek with wax relief

Lyuba Zhilkina Teal Teapot

22 x 12 x 12

Martha Blanche-Sidonie 
Lidded jar 

22 X 9 X 9 

Lyuba Zhilkina 
Textured Vase

15 x 9 x 9

Max Thomas-Edmond

Karin Amdal

Katherine Smyth


Paul Maseyk

Paul Melser