Pottery and ceramics from NZ. Cups, bowls and quality homeware.

Louis Kittleson

‘El Presidente’ of Ceramics New Zealand and based in Napier, Louis continues his practice as established at Driving Creek in the nineties. He holds a place in the spectrum of New Zealand craft.  Many of the pieces were made for the occasion of this show and some had been saved for a special occasion...  All woodfired, mainly natural glazes- ‘Crap from the garden’. Fired for in between 48-96 hours.  With temperatures as high as 1300, the clay vitrifies/turns glass-like leaving them watertight and thus functional.

Tea Cup

8cm Tall

postage small

Deep Bowl

18cm tall
17cm across

Shino glaze with incised detail.

postage large

Wide Bowl 

Shino Glaze

23cm across

Conical Vase

Ash Glaze

19cm Tall

postage medium

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